Fine for Tiko Technician Uncle who Pinched Schoolgirl’s Backside in Lift

Tiko uncle Chew Teck Chiang was inside a lift when a girl dressed in her school uniform entered.

The 51-year-old eyed the 16-year-old girl and asked if she was going to school and she replied “yes”.

Moments later, as the lift was descending, he groped her buttocks and gave it a pinch.

The incident took place at about 6.10am in May 2016.

The frightened schoolgirl rushed out of the lift when it reached the ground floor and boarded the school bus.

She told her teacher about what happened later in the day and subsequently made a police report.

Chew was caught and he confessed to the crime.

The tiko uncle has been fined S$3000 for using criminal force to outrage the schoolgirl’s modesty.



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