Five Calls to Police and One Brawl because PHV Driver Took the “Wrong Route”

Un-Un-Un-Un-Unbelievable… and this incident got us stunned like vegetable too.

5 calls to the police were made, and a PHV driver got hurt in a brawl because he took a route which was deemed the “wrong route” by his customer.

The incident took place on Friday (10 Nov) at about 7pm.

40-year-old private-hire driver, Ken, said he picked up a female customer at Block 476A Upper Serangoon Road.

As she wanted to head to Jalan Besar, he took the expressway.

That’s when he understood why hell hath no fury woman scorned.

“She kept scolding me and asking why I took the expressway. She called me ‘retarded’ and said that I wasted her time.”

Ken said the lady told her “when I ask you to turn left, you better not turn right”.

Angry that he was being treated like this, Ken scolded the lady and told her he would send her back to where he had picked her up and told her to book another ride from there.

Big mistake, bro.

When Ken got there, there were 2 men waiting at the car park near the HDB block for him.

It turns out, the lady her complained to her husband, and he had called for backup.

She had also, in the meantime, called the police not once, but twice to report the incident.

The 2 men kept asking Ken to open the car door so they could speak to him.

Ken decided he would open the door, but not before making 2 calls to the police to report the matter.

When Ken flipped the switch to open the doors to his car, the lady’s husband got into the backseat of Ken’s car while his friend got into the front passenger seat.

The friend then pressed Ken down and the 3 men got into a vulgarity-infused brawl which left Ken with an injured arm.

Police officers arrived soon enough and manage to calm the situation down and disperse the motley crew of fed-up customer, angry husband and friend, and injured PHV driver.

The lady customer’s husband later made a police report of his own.

Police are investigating the case – one that involved 5 calls to the police!



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