Foreigners, PRs and New Citizens Now Make Up 44% of Singapore’s Population


Talk to the kopitiam aunties, or ask any taxi driver if you happen to take a cab – they’ll tell you that there’s this feeling that Singapore is losing its “Singaporean-ness”.

That’s possibly because foreigners (termed as “non-residents”), Permanent Residents and New Citizens now make up about 44% of Singapore’s total population.

Granted, New Citizens will take time to assimilate, but the churn rate for PRs is pretty alarming.

As of June 2018, Singapore’s non-resident population, comprising workers, dependents and students, stood at slightly over 1.6 million.

There were 219,000 New Citizens added from 2007 to 2017.

In that same period, the government granted PR status to 441,508 persons.

Singapore has accepted about 30,000 new PRs every year after 2009.

Seeing how total PR numbers over the years have however remained stable at about 520,000, this signalling that about 30,000 PRs give up their PR status every year.

Read the full Population in Brief 2018 report here.



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