Fury over “Amoral and Discriminatory” Workforce Skills Qualification Course


A Workforce Skills Qualification course in communications has stoked fury over its questionable content.

More specifically, this is related to a question on retrenchment, which has been perceived as “amoral and discriminatory” and unrelated to the WSQ course.

Said Gary Cheok:

“A friend of mine attended a WSQ course on effective communication and was appalled by the atrocious course material. WSQ courses are government approved courses to help individuals improve their employability. So apparently, the course instructor was trying to assess the participants’ ability in managing conflict and garnering consensus.

The assessment (refer to photo) required one to decide who to retrench based on their social backgrounds and personal circumstances. Retrenchment should only be based on one’s work performance. This assessment scenario is not only against our values of meritocracy, it is extremely amoral and discriminatory. I have no idea what the course instructor is trying to teach here.

My friend refused to partake in the assessment and the instructor decided to fail him. I don’t see why someone deserves to fail because he abstained from such shoddy course assessment. WDA ought to have ample quality checks on their outsourcing of training.”



So, who would you give the sack?



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. JLee

    June 12, 2016 at 5:01 am

    2. Racist equals intolerance of views, no conflict of ideas to grow
    3. Priest, if related to money, dangerous to keep on. Even if allegations are false, pulldown on morale. Priest turned secular: implying god did not provide for his shepherds
    7. PAP supporter. Less said better.
    5 or 10. Very carefully, depending on political environment.

    11. Inf0T3ch Consultants – many agendas, glaring omission of races. Trying to be too smart, putting FAKE “real-world bias” with almost zero anchoring on JOB PERFORMANCE. Godamn morons drawing an easy paycheck, writing tabloid shit and pedalling it as education. Snake oil salesmen aplenty.

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