Generous Public Helps Young Singaporean Fulfill London University Dreams

She made an online cry for help, and a generous public responded.

Last week, Goldsmith’s University of London undergrad Velvetina Lim started a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds so she could pay her school fees.

She said that while her mother had been providing the money to pay for her fees and accommodation in London, she could no longer cope with the bills.

Lim also said that the money from her two part-time jobs just wasn’t enough.

Now, it appears that she’s in the clear, after receiving about £1176 (about S$2400) in donations.

“Due to the crowdfunding, I have also managed to obtain some loans which have allowed me to obtain the majority of the tuition fees! This means that the £1156 raised so far has most definitely helped me to reach my goal of £16280 (about S$32,600)!”

Lim says she is in the process of ending the crowd-funding campaign to prevent over-contributions, and will refund any more money she receives.

She says she is overwhelmed with the gratitude by the generosity of strangers.

“I thank you all so much. I am definitely going to pay it forward with whatever I’ve got.”



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