“We Have to Get Used to It” : All the Highlights on Key Issues as Said by Lee Hsien Loong on ASK PM Lee

“Actually ah, don’t ask me. Ask Davinder Singh.”

“Actually ah, don’t ask me. Ask Davinder Singh.”

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong glossed over several key issues regarding Singaporeans, and living in Singapore on chat show ASK PM. Throughout the hour-long discussion, Lee put up his defence for the Singapore government’s stance on education, housing, and cost of living, amongst other issues. To top it off, he gave audience’s a glimpse of his personal vision for the future. Here are excerpts straight from the Prime Minister’s mouth.

Rising cost of living and the Singaporean Dream:

“People’s expectations have changed and people put more pressure on themselves.”

“Petrol prices, go up, electricity prices go up, housing prices go up. Consumer prices have gone up 31%. Incomes have gone up faster than prices. Nowadays everybody has air-con.”

“We are one of the best places to grow up and grow old in.”

On Education:

“Whether you’re a graduate or not doesn’t matter. It depends on whether you’re performing.

“Study had and do well in school. After you have graduated, don’t think that’s the end of your learning.”

“We have never arrived. We can improve, and there’s always tomorrow.”

On non-University Graduate MPS:

“We didn’t choose them because they were poly graduates. We just chose them and they happened to be.”

On Raising the Retirement Age:

“My Radiographer is 78 years old and he’s still growing strong.”

On the Need for PSLE:

“In Singapore, the PSLE is important because it shows how well you’ve done in school ,ad nwhich secondary school you go to.”

“We have a PSLE, we have one good exam, and that decides where you go in secondary school. Thereafter you can move on in life. That’s not the last time you have to move on in life.”

On the NLB Incident:

“We are never going to be a single-valued Singapore.”

“We have the diversity and that should not pull us apart.”

On Appointing New Leaders:

“We’ll need leaders who are dedicated, who are totally committed to Singapore, and their responsibilities.

“You need to be a bit of a showman.”

On Appointing a Female Prime Minister:

“Of course. Absolutely.“

On Singapore’s Future:

“We used to say we are a sampan. Now we are a motor-boat. The seas are unpredictable. The storms may come.”

“We have to move on together. If we don’t move on together, we will be in serious trouble.”

“We are a small country. We have the responsibility to help our children enjoy a better life than we do.”

I worry whether we’ll be strong enough to hold over next 50 years.

Prime Minister Lee Hopes to Work Till 70:

“I hope I’ll still be the PM when I’m 70 years old.”

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  1. Ng

    September 6, 2014 at 3:33 am

    what ? LHL wants to be PM till 70 ?
    my God ! better kill us first !
    it will be most disaster for Singaporeans !
    it Means his greedy Astronomical salary will continue ?
    shit ! why he did not has sense of shame !
    Lee Hsien Loong is still no sense of shame ? speech everywhere, because of his income had reached 100 millions took from our pocket ? he encourage the younger generation just because he is the top greedy man ? shamed !

    he even can not stand upright behavior, he must step down !
    He continued implementation abuse of elderly policy , the pig head! Does not he know that physical work and mental work can not be over 55 years old, otherwise, is chronic suicide. They are not the same with office work, if he give elderly the same astronomical salary as him, of course, elderly have motivation forever !
    The world is changing & adjusting , only those who used to take people’s money, don’ t want to pay back , so don’t want to change, the money, that is a mangy dog’s behavior
    We people want PAP out !
    We take over the GIC and Temasek
    we give Elderly daily basic rice
    Singaporeans PM’s salary must be the same the American president almost on the line.

    Lee Hsien Loong, please resign immediately !
    Looked like the same person for 10 years played the movie, the audience would have tired.

  2. Ng

    September 6, 2014 at 3:37 am

    A civilized country, the distribution of wealth in terms of population, rather than the intellect and Partisan,
    Even a criminal, but also to ensure food to eat every day,

    PAP leaders put our states welfare into their own astronomical salaries, therefore, they have collected & withdraw the next 50 years money in advance , then they turn back forced we Elderly work until we die with automatically give up the rights of welfare share.

    PAP is so low despicable.
    hope the people of Singapore by the International Tribunal for the prosecution of Lee government scam. Not only get back our CPF, but also compensate all the losses. Including welfares originally every citizen have the right of a share from the state, but now after PAP ‘s cheating story trap years by years , all people’s rights has become nothing.

    Singapore’s Prime Minister, the sorely wicked Chinese leader in the world .they must go to the real First Wold country to learn, stay in their family for 3 months, then come back to be be an real human being .

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