Geylang Getai gets Sexy: Bikini Models make Ah Peks Blush

Who cares about simi Pink Dot or Night Festival or Jay Chou concert – for heartland ah peks, getai is where the true entertainment lies.

And this year in Geylang, modelling segments by chio bus in bikinis are getting the old uncles tropical down under!

Possibly but not likely due to water price hikes, S&CC increases and the likes, the chio bus wore barely enough to cover their leggy bodies.

They went onstage and danced to song in their skimpy outfits, and even did a catwalk segment.

Of course, their performances delighted the ah peks in the audience (and if you could see the ghost ah peks in the empty front row seats, they would probably be going “wah shiok ah” too).

There were others who turned red at the sight of the pretty ladies.

One retiree (alive lah) who was very polite, said:

“This is the first time I’ve seen bikini models during getai. It’s fresh”.

Yes, uncle, just don’t get too fresh when you see them again.

PS Divas Management, which provided the models for the show, said that the models show their best side whichever stage they perform on.

We agree.



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