“Ghost Lift” that Always Stops at 4th Floor Terrifies Hougang Residents

There’s a problem with Lift C at Block 910 Hougang St 91.

It seems constantly get stuck at level 4 of the block, and some have termed it the “Ghost Lift” for this strange occurrence.

One resident said he was taking the lift from the lift from his home on the 10th floor to the 1st floor.

Suddenly the lift stopped at the 4th floor and the doors open and power shut down.

He said he managed to get it started again by pressing the “1” and “Close Door” buttons on the lift.

Another resident said she has encountered this same scary experience 4 times now (what’s with then number 4?) and the lift will either stop at the 7th or 4th floor.

Residents of Block 901 complain that Ang Mo Kio Town Council still hasn’t fixed the problem after 2 weeks.

Lucky there are 2 other lifts to use otherwise they would face much inconvenience.

Ang Mo Kio Town Council says it has since fixed the lift malfunction.

We hope it was done with lift maintenance staff and not a bomoh.




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