Girl Loses Teeth, Needs Jaw Realignment after Getting Hit by E-Scooter; Rogue Rider Arrested


An 11-year-old girl lost 2 teeth and needed surgery for jaw and gum realignment after she was hit by an e-scooter yesterday (12 Apr) while on the way home from tuition.

Ardini Nabila was walking on the pavement outside Pasir Ris East Community Club at about 7.15pm when she was hit from behind.

Several passers-by stopped to help her.

One of them called her father, Mr Rahman Nizam Samat, and he rushed down to the scene with his wife.

“When I took the towel away, I saw that her jaw was misaligned and her gums appeared to be pushed back… She was in a lot of pain.”

Ardini was sent to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, where doctors were able to realign her jaw and gums, but couldn’t do much about her 2 missing teeth.

The girl also suffered abrasions on her head, face, elbow and knees, he added. She was given 7 days of medical leave.

She has been unable to eat anything since the accident, only managing a few slices of watermelon so far.

Said Rahman:

“It’s disheartening as a father to see my daughter to go thru all this at this young age.”

Police have arrested the e-scooter rider for committing a rash act, and investigations are ongoing.



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1 Comment

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