Government Plans to Install Cameras with Thermal Sensors to Collect More Fines from Errant Smokers


The National Environment Agency is apparently planning to install high-definition CCTV cameras equipped with thermal sensor technology in various parts of Singapore to catch smokers who light up in prohibited places.

According to a GeBIZ contract tender, the NEA plans to install such cameras in the common areas of housing estates such as lift and staircase landings, carparks and corridors of buildings.

The contract tender also states that about 140 of such cameras will be installed a month.

There are currently about 32,000 places in Singapore where smokers cannot light up.

Last year, the government earned an estimated S$4. 4 million in revenue from smoking fines.

22,0000 summons for smoking violations were issued, with the penalty for each offence a minimum S$200 composition fine.

This year, following Budget 2018, the government also increased tobacco tax by 10 percent.

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