Grab Driver Cancels 1am Booking after Finding Out Rider Wasn’t a Lady

Terin Neo booked a Grab Hitch ride last Tuesday (13 Jun) at around 1am.

The booking proceeded smoothly, but hit a snag when the Grab driver found out that the ride Terin booked was for a guy and not a lady.

That’s when he cancelled the booking.


Said Terin:

“Take care ladies out there! This Grab driver have some serious problem. Be extra cautious of this driver. He asked if I’m a girl, yourself only, 1 seat only & after i replied guy, he cancelled the trip.”

Terin found the actions of the Grab driver suspicious and reported the incident to Grab, which said it would monitor the driver.

A male Grab driver who only accepts rides from ladies at 1am in the morning?

Ladies, beware!


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