Grab Taxi Driver Accused of Punching Passenger after Getting Stuck in Traffic Jam

SATESH KUMARAN: On the 25th March, today at 1.55pm, my sister was assaulted by a GrabTaxi driver while coming back home together with my mother & grandmother from Joo Chiat Complex.

My sister booked GrabTaxi driver, Tan Sxxx Hxxx, Transcab Renault (SHC54xxx) at 1.27pm. Throughout the trip the driver didn’t talk, but started to show signs of temper when they got stuck at a traffic jam nearby Bedok Reservoir Road.

He began to hurl vulgarities at my family telling them he is in a rush and all my sister asked him was, if he was in a rush why did he accept their booking (Grab can choose and accept riders by their destination), that agitated him and he punched my sister on her right neck and arm, grabbing her hand tight asking her to pay & get off this taxi

At this moment the taxi was just 1 bustop away from reaching my house. As all were ladies in the taxi, my mother got worried and paid the driver $15 (fare was $13.23) without receiving any change. They managed to walk home and later made a police report. Grab are now assisting us with this issue as well and suspended the driver’s account for now.

I’m extremely frustrated over this issue that happened to my family.



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