Gripping Suicide Attempt: Woman Jumps Off 4th Floor but Public Save Her in the Nick of Time

An argument at a carpark led to a hysterical 29-year-old woman leaping off the 4th floor of the building.

Fortunately for her, alert passers-by witnessed the scene and saved her in the nick of time!

The incident took place on Saturday (7 Jan) at about 1.50pm, at Block 8A Jalan Kukoh in the Chinatown area.

The lady reportedly quarelled with her boyfriend, then leapt off the 4th storey of the car park.

Her boyfriend managed to grab on to one of her hands, but struggled to pull her to safety.

At the time, a teenager from Club Plus – a youth club for low-income youth – saw the incident and hurriedly ran back to the club to report what had happened.

Club Plus staff and teens then rushed to the scene to rescue the woman.

Said a Club Plus staff:

“I could see that the youth was very serious when he rushed in and told us about the incident. When we reached the scene, a man was grasping on tightly to the woman’s hand. Otherwise she would have fallen off.”

One of the youth, a Ms Fan, managed to grab on to the suicidal woman’s other hand and grip it tightly.

Others went to the 3rd storey and propped her up by her feet.

They subsequently succeeded in getting her back on solid ground.

We haven’t received any on-scene pictures of the incident (which is a good thing because it meant people were more keen on helping then snapping).

Police have confirmed a report of an attempted suicide at Jalan Kukoh and are investigating the incident.



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