HDB Flat Kitchen Floor Tiles Suddenly Crack, Stunning Hougang Uncle


65-year-old retiree Mr Tan was lepak-ing on the sofa in his living room and about to head to bed when he heard an “explosion” from his kitchen.

After getting over his “stunned like vegetable” initial reaction, he went to investigate and found that floor tiles in his kitchen had cracked for no apparent reason.

The incident took place on Friday (13 Oct) at about 9pm.

Mr Tan, who stays in a HDB flat unit on the 12th floor of Block 526 Hougang Avenue 6, said:

“I thought something dropped on the floor. When I went to the kitchen and turned on the light, I saw that the tiles had cracked. Some of the broken tiles had even ‘flown’ to the dining table and living room area.”

Mr Tan says he has covered up the cracked floor area until renovations are done.

“I have left the renovation to my children. When I saw news on floor tiles ‘exploding’ I never thought it would happen to me too.”

Mr Tan says he has stayed in his Hougang flat for the past 30 years and all his tiles are original fittings.

“I hope that the relevant agency will pay attention to quality when it installs selects materials to be used. Lucky no one was hurt!”

Just last week, a part-time taxi driver was stunned to hear an “explosion” sound and see floor tiles in his home cracking up.

That uncle too hadn’t done any additional renovation works on his home.


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