HELP LAH: Workers’ Party Collecting Used but Good Items to Donate to Needy Residents

Christmas is coming and so is Chinese New Year so don’t pretend that you’re not looking for another shiny new toy to buy.

Some people aren’t fortunate enough to afford the latest cool gadgets, and it’s not that they are hard up for them.

All they need is something to make their lives a little easier and more comfortable.

If you’ve used but still in good working condition stuff that you’re thinking of getting rid off, why not donate them to those in need?

Come on lah, lend a hand, don’t be so giam!

This is how you can be a part of the Workers’ Party’s BlueCycle Programme:

“The WP Community Fund BlueCycle programme connects donors with still-good-to-use furniture and appliances with residents-in-need.

With the help of our volunteers and house reps, we spend one full Saturday a month picking up the donated items and delivering them to our recipients.

Since morning, we delivered various donated items such as beds, stove, induction cooker and even a baby rocker to our recipients in Aljunied GRC and other areas that the WP grassroots teams have been active in.

 Our volunteers continued well into the afternoon and evening to deliver more items.

 By looking out for one another in the community, we can make a difference to others’ lives.

So, if you would like to give your used furniture or appliances a new lease of life, please contact us at donatebluecycle@wpcf.sg



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