Here’s What Happened after Police Stopped MRT Abang and the Angry Ang Moh

Dramatic footage of perhaps an overly-dramatised MRT encounter.

The last we saw in the video involving an angry ang moh verbally abusing a local teen for wearing a shirt that said “I’m F*cking Special”, the man who stepped forward to defend the teen and the angry ang moh were asked by police to step out of the train.


The video of the encounter went viral online, and MRT Abang even posted a response encouraging Singaporeans to “Do always stand up for ur right and help our nation as well.”

Many have been wondering what came after the two men were stopped by police.

Well, according to Nabilah Nasser, the lady who recorded the video of the incident… police just let everyone off.

“The Police officers who appeared to be from the Special Operations Command did was asking him to calm down and thats it. When we tried to show what actually happened as a prove, they refused to watch. They allow the angry old man to take the same train together with us. LOL. But after the police left, the old man walk away.”

So no fireworks or fanfare there from the police officers on scene, who clearly weren’t as enthralled with the goings-on as the rest of the Singaporean public.

Cardboard Mata would have done the same.

He'd stare you down. And win.

He’d stare you down. And win.


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