Hidden “Clothes Hook” Spy Camera Found in NTU Toilet; “Not the First Time” Says Victim

A young lady who used the Basement 1 handicapped toilet at the Nanyang Technological University School of Social Sciences yesterday (1 Mar) was stunned to discover she was literally being caught with her pants down.

The victim said she was using the toilet when she noticed a black plastic object shaped like a clothes hook that was stuck slightly above the air vent on the toilet door, angled to face the toilet bowl.

She thought it was out of place (who the hell places a clothes hook near the bottom of a door?) and took a closer look, then realised it contained a pinhole spy camera.

She rushed out of the toilet and told a cleaner about the spy camera, and asked him to help call the police and inform the school management.

The young lady said she discovered the spy camera the second time she used the toilet, and didn’t notice if it was there the first time.

She said that this is “not the first time” that authorities have been informed about spy cameras placed in this particular toilet.

Police officers were seen at the NTU School of Social Science building checking the toilets for any other suspicious objects.

Investigations are ongoing.



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