Hundreds of Travellers’ Bags Go Missing after Changi Airport Baggage Handler Deliberately Swops Luggage Tags


Almost every day  between November and February this year, Tay Boon Keh swopped the luggage tags of bags at Changi Airport where he worked as a baggage handler.

As a result, travellers would get a rude shock to find their bags missing because they were sent to a different destination (and maybe even halfway across the world from them).

Tay, who is representing himself in court, has been charged with 286 counts of mischief and has indicated he will plead guilty to the charges.

No clear motive has been established so far for his strange actions.

The 63-year-old worked for industrial equipment supplier Lian Cheng Contracting – a subcontractor of the Changi Airport Group.

The first luggage he tampered with was supposed to be a bag bound for Penang.

The baggage tag had a serial number indicating that it was supposed to be transported on a Singapore Airlines flight, but it’s unclear where it eventually landed up.

Other affected bags were originally bound for places including Hong Kong, Manila, London and Perth.

Besides Singapore Airlines, they were also supposed to be transported on carriers such as Silkair and Lufthansa.

Changi Airport has said this was an isolated case of mischief and there was no breach of aviation security at the Changi aerodrome.



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