Maverick Singh Makes Second Plea for Minimum Wage Scheme in 2 Years

MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC, Mr Inderjit Singh has urged the government to put in place a nationwide minimum wage scheme.

Speaking in parliament on Wed (4 Mar), Mr Singh said this was necessary, so that Singapore’s poor will not have to continuously rely on aid from the government.

“A Singaporean earning very low wages – who has a family to support – cannot cope with unrealistically low salaries,” he said.

“We should formalise a national minimum wage so that Singaporeans are more self-sufficient and don’t have to rely on regular government interventions to help them cope.”

At present in Singapore, only workers in the cleaning, and security industries have been prescribed a minimum wage of S$1000.

That’s been termed the Progressive Wage Model.

Mr Singh had first called for a minimum wage scheme two years ago.

That was rejected by labour chief Lim Swee Say, who said that Singapore’s combination of wage subsidies and skills training for low-income earners was more effective to raise incomes at the low end.

Last May, Mr Singh, also known as the “maverick”, wrote a lengthy post on Faceboook criticising government policies which he feels gave rise to certain social problems in Singapore.

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