Indonesia to Stop New Maids from Living with Employers so You Can’t Take Advantage of Them


The Indonesian government has announced that it will no longer allow new maids from working abroad to live with their employers.

Such a move is part of the government’s plan to professionalise informal employment, and to make sure that employers don’t take advantage of them.

This will mean that new maids employed by Singaporeans will live separately from their employers in dormitories.

They will work regular hours, and get public holidays and days off.

They will also be trained in Indonesia in specific skills such as cooking, childcare and eldercare.

Indonesia’s Manpower Ministry said:

“They are also free to do other chores, but don’t penalise them if they don’t do too well in areas outside their skill set. We want better protection for our workers. If they are always indoors, we don’t know if they have worked overtime. They should be compensated for that.”

This means that Singaporean employers can no longer make their Indonesian maids bao ka liao and perform everything under the sun.

The move will be made in phases, and is expected to begin as early as next year.

It will only affect new maids, and not maids who are already working here.

Indonesia is the biggest source country for maids in Singapore.

About 125,000 of them are working here.


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