Jail Awaits, as Kong Hee and His Gang of Frauds are Convicted of Criminal Breach of Trust

Oh, if only Sun Ho was blessed with more talent.

Perhaps then, her husband, City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee, and the rest of the Gang of Frauds wouldn’t have had to misappropriate some 50 million big ones to help further her singing career.

Then again, it was always going to be more about the money than the music.

Pastor Kong Hee was found guilty along with 5 other City Harvest Church members of stealing S$24 million from the church through sham bond investments.

The Gang of Frauds used another S$26.6 million to hide that grand theft.

Giving his ruling, Judge See Kee Oon said:

“They were not genuine transactions because the accused persons controlled these transactions… Evidence points to a finding that they knew they were acting dishonestly, and I am unable to conclude otherwise.”

All 7 of the convicted are out on bail, while a date of sentencing has yet to be set by the court.

The woman at the heart of the big sham, Sun Ho, hasn’t’ been charged.

The only one who could ever reach me... Was the wife of a preacher man!
The Gang of Frauds:

Found guilty of criminal breach of trust, related to the misusing of church funds to finance the music career of Sun Ho, or Ho Yeow Sun to help her break into the US market. They used two companies, Xtron and Firna, both owned by City Harvest Church supporters, to pull off their dirty tricks.

Flopping of the Sun:

Church members believed that they could use Sun Ho as a tool to spread the Gospel if she made it big in America. But that Sun just wouldn’t rise in the West. The Crossover Project was started in 2002 to promote Sun Ho, and she did make some waves in the Taiwan market. In an attempt to help her hit the US big time in 2003, millions meant for building the church were pumped into sham bonds, which were then used to build her music career. In a pretty embarrassing move, it was revealed that the church even secretly bought 50,000 of her CDs and stashed them away.


Kong Hee – three counts of criminal breach of trust
John Lam – three counts of criminal breach of trust
Chew Eng Han – six counts of criminal breach of trust and four counts of falsification of accounts
Tan Ye Peng – six counts of criminal breach of trust and four counts of falsifying church accounts
Serina Wee – six counts of criminal breach of trust and four counts of falsification of accounts
Sharon Tan – three counts of criminal breach of trust and four counts of falsifying accounts

Criminal breach of trust is punishable with a life sentence or up to 20 years in prison, and a fine. For falsifying accounts, the punishment is a maximum of 10 years in jail, a fine, or both.




  1. anonymous

    October 22, 2015 at 10:02 pm

    Kong is the mastermind of all, got the guts to siphon money for own personal gain & to fund his wife music career, got no guts to stand up like a man to admit. Still manage to brain wash innocent to believe in him. He will answer to God himself for the deeds he has done. Pity those who worked blindly with him.

    • Anonymous

      October 23, 2015 at 8:15 pm

      U really think he has the chance to see God?

      • Anonymous

        October 25, 2015 at 10:11 pm

        From China Wine to Changi Prison wine. From HDB to Sentosa Cove and now to Changi Prison bungalow. He is the mastermind who ruined the lives of others and especially the other 5. What a pity, $24 m spent on a someone who can’t sing, looks like a horse and dance liike a whore.

      • TheSaint

        January 15, 2016 at 3:33 am

        God, does forgive, “all manner of sin will be forgive, towards man,” God promise is true.
        We are here to help, man to repent, change his ways, be restored, be healed; “Remember the theft on the cross next to Jesus, he said, we are here because of our due reward, and said this man in the midst had do no wrong, then he ask, Jesus to remember him in His Kingdom.”
        Who are we not to forgive, our fallen brothers/sisters.
        He that is without sin cast a stone at kong hee, and five others.

  2. Audrey Low

    October 27, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    Though all of us are really angry with their dishonesty. However, we shouldn’t sin with the choice of language use.

    God has always been gracious!

  3. TheSaint

    January 15, 2016 at 3:22 am

    Changi prison, may have kong Hee and others, the body and mind, and heart are sinful, but, God Almighty does forgive mankind of all sins, if man acknowledges his sinful ways, errors, faults. “Lust and money are the two most powerful stronghold on mankind and the world order.” Without God you can be blinded by these principality strongholds, you become a god to yourself, and others of weak minds, weak souls their blinded to serve their god, as slaves.
    But, God Almighty is a loving Creator to forgive, heal, restore one life.
    Eight years gives a man time to think, repent, humble in tears for forgiveness and return to social society restored, healed, cleaned, forgiven by God, and mankind and society, that’s why Jesus Christ died for, and shaded His blood for these sinful, blinded, children that fell, into Lust and the greed of money, all to serve there masters.
    God and His children and His Kingdom, do not sin, because they are fully empowered by God not to sin. Lust is a powerful force, and a voice of temptation to lure one by money, ask adam/eve.

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