Jail for Chio MediaCorp News Producer who Stripped Naked and Hantam-ed Cops

She was a 24 years old University of New York graduate working at MediaCorp as a news producer.

But all that came to an end after one naked frenzy at Sentosa.

Zhao Xiaotian was at Tanjong Beach Club when in a drunken stupor, she stripped off her bikini top and frolicked in the swimming pool.

A security guard who was alerted to the incident approached her (lucky bast*rd) and warned her to get clothed, and so she put her bikini top back on.

Awhile later, after the guard left, Zhao stripped down again and dove back into the pool.

The security guard, Mr Zainal, went back and this time demanded to see her ID.

Zhao refused, and began to turn aggressive.

That’s when Mr Zainal called the cops.

Enter police sergeants Fahmi and Hafiz.

When Sgt Fahmi asked Zhao for her ID, she put her black bikini top on his shoulder, near to his face.

The police sergeant gave her a verbal warning, and got a slap from her in return.

The policeman tried to restrain Zhao and arrest her, but she put up a fierce struggle.

A female police officer was called-in to assist with Zhao’s arrest.

Even when placed in the back seat of the police car, Zhao continued to shout vulgarities at the police officers and even spat at them.

The incident took place last April at close to 9pm.

Zhao was sentenced to two week jail today.

She has appealed the sentence.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Daryl Khoo

    June 5, 2018 at 7:18 am

    This woman should be jailed. We need to set a strict example to deter horrendous behavior like this.

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