Jamie Chua Drops Harassment Application against Business Partner and Netizens

Social “influencer” and mega-bucks socialite Jamie Chua has withdrawn her court application for a anti-harassment protection order against business partner Sharon Tang and 6 others.

She has retained protection orders against 58 netizens, prohibiting them from posting “threatening, abusive or insulting words” against her.

The 43-year-old complained that the netizens were making personal attacks against her online.

In dropping her application against Tang, Ms Chua has been ordered to pay her S$6500 in legal costs.

Chua and Tang founded ClosetRaider, an online platform for buying and selling second-hand luxury goods.

But after a falling out, Ms Tang allegedly uploaded a photo in February last year on Instagram showing a wreath being delivered to her home on her birthday.

Ms Tang, in the caption, wrote: “Some malicious people actually sent wreath to my place instead of wishing me Happy Birthday.”

That’s when the alleged online attacks against Ms Chua started.

Netizens left “abusive and threatening” comments on the photo against Ms Chua, with some hinting that she was responsible for sending the wreath.

Commentators also targeted Ms Chua’s boyfriend and 2 children, and her business.

Ms Chua says she has chosen to drop the cases as “in the past year, all the posts have since been taken down, so there is no need to go to trial. It is not a case of who wins or loses. We just hope to move on.”



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