JC Student Molests 8-Year-Old Ballerina at Safra Yishun Clubhouse

The 8-year-old ballet student and her older sister had just finished ballet lessons at the Safra Yishun clubhouse and were waiting for their mother to pick them up.

Shockingly, a teenager with bad intentions in mind struck.

That teenager was 18-year-old Liu Yiming, a junior college student.

He saw the girls in their ballerina outfits and approached the 8-year-old, asking if she could help him with a survey.

There was no survey.

Instead, once he lured the 8-year-old to the second floor of the clubhouse, Liu went for the kill.

He asked the girl what she was wearing on her legs, and she replied they were stockings.

Then, he molested her.

Liu only stopped and withdrew his hands when he realised he was doing something wrong.

Later that day, the girl informed her mother about the incident and a police report was made.

The incident happened on 26 March.

Liu admitted that he felt an urge to touch the girl after seeing her in her ballet costume.

He has been given 18 months of probation for outraging the girl’s modesty.

As the girl was under the age of 14, he could have been jailed for up to 5 years with a fine and caning.



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