Jilted 15-Year-Old Bought “Worn Socks” from Teen Girl then Posted Her Nude Photos Online

Hell hath fury like a woman scorned?

Tell that to one 14-year-old girl who had her nude photos spread online because she rejected the love of a 15-year-old boy with a sock fetish.

Neither the boy or girl shall be named because they’re minors.

The 15-year-old boy had bought a pair of “worn socks” from the girl last June, after seeking her out on Facebook.

The two began chatting and soon after, he asked her to send a nude photos of herself to him and she agreed.

In all, the girl sent him 11 nude photos.

Soon, the boy developed feelings for her.

He declared his love, only to get rejected.

That’s when he got really mad, and shared the nude photos on a Facebook group with 12,000 members.

About half an hour later, he took down the photos.

But the girl found out, and she confronted the boy about the photos over email.

That’s when the boy threatened that he would re-upload the photos if she didn’t send a raunch video of herself to him.

She agreed, worried that he might carry out the threat.

The boy has been sentenced to 24 months probation for his heinous activities.

Before this incident, he had also harassed a 24-year-old female model on Facebook in April 2015.

The boy sent her a message, asking to buy socks that had been worn for at least 8 hours, for a price of S$70.

He even offered her S$500 to have a fling with him.

The model ignored him, and that’s when he continued to harass her, saying things like she shouldn’t act innocent because she was after all relying on her face to earn money.

He even asked her to name her price.

Parents, time to pay more attention to what your kids are getting up to online?



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