Jobs Bank: Singaporeans First, but Some Singaporeans are More Preferred than Others?

CHEW: I was informed about this advertisement on the Jobs Bank posted by a company looking for staff. Take a look and see what’s wrong with it. Do you find anything off-putting?

Yes, it’s saying that only Chinese people need apply, which I find is off-putting for an ad on the Jobs Bank, which is supposed to be a “Singaporeans First” hiring platform. Does this mean that some Singaporeans are more preferred than others?

In our multi-racial society known for decades of racial harmony, tolerance and integration, it’s quite startling to see that some employers are still stuck with that “kaki lang” mentality. If the candidate needs to speak Mandarin, why not just say so? Just because one isn’t Chinese doesn’t mean that they aren’t conversant in the language – I have several Indian friends who did learn Mandarin and can speak it even better than me!

Unless this company is simply using the Jobs Bank as a wayang, so that when the notice expires it can go hunt for “cheaper, better and faster” workers from the Red Nation up north?



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