Joseph Schooling Aims to Break Phelp’s World Record without Help of Banned Super Suit

Singapore’ Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling is looking to break Michael Phelp’s fastest swimming time ever – the world record 49.82 secs he clocked in Rome 2009 in the 100-metre butterfly.

Phelp’s pulled off that feat with the help of a “super suit” which has since been banned after being deemed a form of “technological doping”.

The full-body suit, which supposedly helps the wearer displace water more efficiently than human skin, was used by Phelps as he set world records in 7 of his 8 gold medal wins.

Schooling has already smashed an Olympic record by Phelps for the 100-metre butterfly, after beating him at Rio 2016.

He clocked 50.39 secs to Phelps’ 50.58 secs record in Beijing 2008.

But can Schooling beat the world record 49.82 secs?

Schooling stands at 1.84m and has size 12 feet.

Phelps on the other hand is taller at 1.93m and wears a size 14.

Traditionally, taller swimmers with wider wingspans are believed to have more potential, but it seems that Schooling is turning this theory on its head.

Despite a smaller body, he has a stronger kick which can propel him faster than his opponents.

Schooling is also able to swim more efficiently than his opponents.

If Schooling does manage this feat, Singapore might just have a world-beater on our hands, in spite of genes and traditional science.



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