Jurong Fatal Car Crash: Sleepy Student Kills Lady who Took Leave to do Charity Work


Serene Ng had taken leave from work to do charity work, only to have her life cruelly cut short by a student who had been driving after not having slept for 20 hours.

The 41-year-old was walking on the pavement along Jurong West Street 42 when she was hit by the student – 28-year-old Galistan Aidan Glyn.

Aidan had lost control of his car, mounted the kerb and hit Ng.

Ng was flung into the air and died from her injuries.

Aidan later admitted he felt sleepy and tired before thecrash.

Investigations showed that Glyn had woken up at 11am the day before, spent the night hanging out with friends, then went to a friend’s house at 6.45am on 25 Aug to have breakfast.

After that, he was driving to his parent’s house when he crashed into Ng.

Ng was convicted of causing death by a negligent act on 11th May, and today sentenced to 3 months jail.

The court also banned him from driving for 5 years after his release from prison.



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