Jurong Lady Whips Out Knife and Chases Concerned Postman and Pedestrian Who Asked If She was Okay


Not easy being a postman in Singapore – sometimes you get chased by ah neow and ah kow, sometimes by siao langs.

Like this Jurong lady.

She was sitting in a daze under a block of flats at Jurong West Central 1 when she was approached by a male postman and a female pedestrian who were concerned about her and stopped to ask if she needed help.

She was seen to be bleeding and had injuries on her body.

Whether they were self-inflicted or not is uncertain.

Then, the lady suddenly whipped out a knife, which sent both of them reeling in shock, and chased the 2 concerned passers-by while swinging the knife.

In the process, she left trail of blood from her wounds stretching about 200 metres.

Police officers who arrived on scene managed to subdue the lady and arrest her.

Investigations are in progress.



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