Jurong Point Popiah Lady Presses Wrong Button on Machine and Crushes 3 Fingers

A Chinese popiah stall assistant got her fingers in a tangle this morning while using the noodle machine.

The woman was an employee at the food court on the 3rd floor of Jurong Point shopping mall.

She was using a noodle-making machine at the time and wanted to stop it but pressed the wrong button.

As a result, her right hand got stuck in the machine and 3 of her fingers were reportedly crushed.

SCDF officers were alerted to the incident at around 10.30am this morning.

Officers managed to use a pry bar to release her hand from the machine.

The woman was then sent to National University Hospital.

Fortunately for her, she didn’t have to amputate her fingers.

She is now on medical leave and resting in hospital, and her employer will cover all medical fees.



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