Kaypoh Ang Moh Tourist Set Upon by “Enforcers” after Taking Photo of Geylang Illegal Gambling Stall “Attraction”

Curiosity killed the cat, but one kaypoh ang moh tourist was a bit luckier since he escaped with his life.

According to an eyewitness Mr Tan, the ang moh was walking around in Geylang when he saw a crowd of about 200 people that had gathered at Lorong 16.

Taking a peek, he saw 6 tables of dice games which were part of an illegal gambling stall.

The kayoh ang moh then whipped out his handphone and snapped a photo of the “attraction”.

As soon as the shutter sound went off, he was set upon by 10 men who were the “enforcers” of the gambling stall.

They surrounded him, while one of the man snatched his handphone and deleted the photo.

Fortunately, they let him off with some Hokkien expletives but didn’t hurt him.

The incident took place yesterday at around midnight.

Mr Tan says the gambling stall is there every night and its operations can be seen in plain sight of the public.

Being a kaypoh himself, he managed to snap some shots too (pictured above)!



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