Kids’ Playground Quarrel Leads to Death Threat from Parents and a Protection Order!

A death threat, and a protection order – to think all this began as just a playground argument.

A 10-year-old boy had gotten into a row with another boy, when that boy’s 11-year-old elder brother stepped in.

The 11-year-old elder brother then challenged the 10-year-old kid to a fight, to protect his brother.

When the 10-year-old’s dad heard that, he got alarmed and literally took matters into his own hands.

He hit the 11-year-old on his cheek, neck and back.

Then, he dragged the child home, and confronted his parents.

The 11-year-old’s father, Mr Mohammed, has accused the other dad, who’s a senior bank executive, of threatening to smash his son’s face and kill him.

Mr Mohammed made a police report after the incident, which happened at the playground of a Bukit Timah condominium in May.

Mr Mohammed also applied for an Expedited Protection Order from the Family Court.

That Order has just been approved, and the family is not to use vulgar language, have physical contact or behave in any manner that may cause psychological fear to Mr Mohammed’s son and the rest of his family.

All this, because of a playground argument.

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