Killer Monkeys Attack Segar Residents, at Least 7 People Viciously Bitten This Month

Yes, that’s one of the mean Killer Monkeys that are wreaking havoc in the vicinity of Block 471 Segar Rd.

The group have attacked at least 7 people in the past one week.

A playground in the area serves as the base for their human-biting plans.

It’s unclear why they attack humans with a violent passion.

One of the victims was an old man sitting at a stone bench in the park and minding his own business.

Mdm Liang, a resident, said she saw one of the Killer Monkeys just hop over to the old man and bite him on the right leg.

The bite was so bad it caused his leg to bleed.

“There was so much blood the whole ground was covered in blood.”

Mdm Liang said the old man’s daughter later came to help him, and called an ambulance to send him to hospital.

Another victim is 60-year-old Mdm Wei, a housewife who’s lived in Segar Rd for the past 17 years.

She was lying on the bed in her bedroom when she felt an itch on her arm.

Turning to take a look, she got a shock to see a Killer Monkey next to her.

The monkey then bit her arm and refused to let go.

“I swung my arm but the monkey wouldn’t let go. After swinging around for some time then it stopped biting me and ran out of the window that it had climbed in by.”

This is the hit list of attacks carried out by the killer monkeys this month:

9 April: Killer Monkey bites maid on her leg
15 April: Resident attacked from behind by Killer Monkey after parking car
16 April: Uncle bitten in the living room of his home
16 April: Uncle bitten on the arm while taking medicine at home
16 April: Mdm Liang attacked in her bedroom
17 April: Woman taking a walk at 4am gets bitten on the leg, bitten again in her kitchen at 7am
17 April: Ah Pek minding his own business at the park attacked

Mdm Wei says some Killer Monkeys have been caught, but others remain.

“There used to be up to 5 monkeys. They would play at the playground nearby and disturb the houses here at around 10am every day. Now there’s left only 2 after authorities came and caught some.”


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