Kind Bus Driver Abang Proud to Shield Passengers from Rain Despite Getting Drenched

“Will they fall sick? Will they catch a cold?”

Those were the thoughts of 29-year-old bus driver Kamarul whenever he saw passengers getting drenched while boarding the bus during a rainy day.

Two months ago, he decided to make a change – he would hold an umbrella for passengers while they boarded the bus.

While doing that, he would get drenched at times (you know lah, he isn’t the slimmest book on the shelf), but Kamarul isn’t the sort to complain about a bit of rainwater.

Instead, he would take pride in the knowledge that he was doing passengers a service – they could have been the ones getting drenched instead.

Says Kamarul:

“Why shouldn’t I do this? Just a bit more effort and I can offer good service to passengers. It might take a bit more time, but passengers are understanding.”

Kamarul says was never out to gain attention with his actions.

Give us a Tiger, but give that satki abang a medal!



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