Kong Hee Believed Sun Ho would be the “Next Whitney Houston”

Errant City Harvest Pastor Kong Hee, who’s accused of misappropriating church funds, apparently expressed his belief that his church-singer wife would become the next Whitney Houston.

That’s according to City Harvest fund manager Chew Eng Han, who’s also appealing his conviction and 6-year jail term for misappropriating church money.

Before the 3-judge panel, Chew said that Kong Hee had written in an email to church leaders back in 2005 that Ho was a “singing diva”.

Chew also said that Kong Hee told him that his wife would be the “next Whitney Houston”.

Kong Hee, Chew, and 4 other former church leaders are back in court to appeal their convictions, in a huge scandal involving S$50 million in church funds.

In his defence, Chew said that he and his family had donated S$1 million to City Harvest, and that he had suffered because he was brainwashed.

Chew argued that the bond proceeds of music production company Xtron and glass-maker Firna did not go into his own pocket, but were for the church’s benefit.

He said that he believed the whole scheme was a mission of the church and an investment to make money.

“I never thought it was a crime to apply the building fund to the Crossover.”



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