Kong Hee Expresses Disappointment that He Didn’t Get Off Scot-Free

Edwin Tong, Kong Hee’s lawyer and MP for Marine Parade GRC, says his client is “disappointed” with today’s verdict.

Tong said the rogue pastor told him that he is “disappointed with the outcome in terms of the conviction not being overturned.”

This comes after the jail terms of Kong Hee and his City Harvest Gang of Frauds were halved following their appeal against their convictions.

Kong Hee’s 8-year jail term was reduced to 3.5 years, and he will start his sentence in 2 weeks.

The City Harvest case is the largest amount of charity funds ever misappropriated in Singapore.

The money, which came from church donations, was used to bankroll the secular music career of Kong Hee’s wife, Sun Ho, without the knowledge of the congregation.

A total of S$24 million was channelled into sham investments, which were then used to bankroll Ms Ho’s music career and liftsyle.

Another S$26 million was used to cover up the initial scam to fool auditors.



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