Kong Hee’s Son went Cuckoo and He’s Still Taking Care of his Deaf & Mute Siblings, Cries Defence

“Kong Hee has got no antecedents, and has demonstrated remorse. “

That was part of this morning’s oral submissions by Edwin Tong, MP for Marine Parade GRC and lawyer for wayward City Harvest Church pastor Kong Hee.

Tong also described how Kong, who led his Gang of Frauds on a quest to cheat the church out of S$56 million to fund his wife’s rap career in America, was dedicated to caring for his family.

“He has got aged parents in their 80s, who rely on him as their sole provider. They worry about him in their old age. He has two deaf and mute siblings who he provides for.”

And that Kong’s son, Dayan, has gone a little cuckoo from the past 5 years where dad was put on trial for his trangressions.

“He has a 10 year old son too … as a result of this, his son has had to see a psychiatrist to be evaluated and been taken out of school.”

Tong added that in Kong’s mitigation, he never dipped his hands in the cookie jar for personal profit:

“In other cases, there was personal gain, so I understand why the greater the amount, the greater the sentence. But not in this case, no profits, no gain was made by any accused. Not only were they no wrongful gains but there was no intention even to make any wrongful gain.”

Kong Hee and his 6-member Gang of Frauds are back in caught today, where sentencing is expected.

Prior to this, prosecutors had recommended a jail term of up to 12 years for the church crooks.

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