KTV Hostess’ Eyeball Pops Out after Colleague Stomps on Her with Stiletto Heel


Both hostesses at Club one KTV Boutique, 28-year-old Siti Zahara Afifi Abdul Karim and 30-year-old Nur Lena Rahmat had a strained relationship.

And the tense ties boiled over in a moment of violence that saw Siti Zahara stomp on Nur Lena’s eye with her stiletto heel until the latter’s eyeball popped out of its socket!

The incident took place on 8 Oct 2015.

The 2 hostesses were not on good terms because Siti Zahara’s younger sister had broken up with Nur Lena’s friend.

Siti Zahara had told Nur Lena to get her friend to stop paying for her younger sister’s braces as the 2 had already parted.

That spiralled into an argument about Siti Zahara’s interference in their relationship.

The 2 hostesses then got into a fight, which saw Siti Zahara blinding her colleague after crashing her 14.5cm stiletto heel into her eye.

Not once, but 3 times.

Nur Lena was sent Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where doctors performed an orbital implant on her.

She sustained a left eye permanent blindness and right eye temporal hemianopia, such that she can only the nasal part of her visual field.

Siti Zahara was today convicted of causing grievous hurt to Nur Lena.

She will be sentenced on 31 October.


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