Lao Tiko Caught Stroking Young Lady’s Thigh on Bus, Gets Bolder when No One Tells Him Off

This old pervert was caught on camera stroking the thigh of a young lady on a public bus!

The incident took place on Sunday (19 Nov) on board bus service 50.

The lao tiko, who was seated next to a young lady, was seen rubbing her thigh with the outside of his left hand.

A commuter who noticed his behaviour started to film him in the act using her handphone.

The young lady felt uncomfortable and inched her leg away.

However, since no one had told him off, the lao tiko thought no one noticed or cared.

He grew bolder and kept inching his hand to touch the young lady’s thigh even she moved away until she was squeezed in a corner.

Then, when the young lady turned around, the lao tiko quickly moved his hand away and alighted.

The young lady was reportedly too frightened to say anything and that’s why she kept quiet throughout the ordeal.

Ladies (and gents), if you face any form of sexual harassment on the bus, seek help from the bus captain.



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