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Law Minister: Angry Ang Moh MRT Bully is “Sick in the Mind”

Singapore’s Law Minister K Shanmugam has condemned the actions of the Angry Ang Moh who verbally abused a local teen on the MRT.

He said:

“Came across this video. Unacceptable bullying conduct. People like this are sick in their mind. And try and take it out on others. I hope his employer will take some action, against him – he brings his organisation into disrepute.”

Mr Shanmugam also praised the actions of the MRT Abang, Elfy, who defended the teenager.

“Good to see someone, in this case Elfy standing up to this bully. His comments on the incident, that we are a multiracial society that should respect each other, are wise.”

The incident was sparked by a t-shirt the teenager was wearing, which bore the words “I’m F*cking Special”.

The Angry Ang Moh was apparently not too smitten with the slogan, and started to taunt and shout at the teenager, even threatening to throw him off the train at one point.

All others on the train turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the commotion.

That’s when MRT Abang, Elfy, stepped in and told off Angry Ang Moh.

The two men were eventually asked to step out of the train by police at the Ang Mo Kio MRT Station platform, and were told by the cops to cool it.

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