Lecturer Found Guilty of Inciting Violence against Ang Moh who Beat Up Poly Teen

Singapore Polytechnic lecturer Tang Koon Huat was angry at the “light sentence” handed out to a British ang moh who whacked a teenager over a road rage incident.

So, he created a Facebook page, Act for Singapore using the name “Emett Haqq” to urge vigilantes to beat up the ang moh.

The ang moh Tang was targeting is Alan Maybury.

The 35-year-old beat up polytechnic student Lum Kwok Weng after Lum got into a traffic accident with the taxi that Maybury was in.

Maybury got out of the taxi, verbally abused 19-year-old student, then punched him in the face.

The incident took place in 2014 and it spurred Tang to action.

He was furious that Maybury was slapped with just a fine for his actions.

His called for a Singaporean vigilante group to “go to beat up troublesome” ang mohs in the drinking joints and “Teach these ‘bumps’ a lesson.”

Tang was outed after a member of the public lodged a police report against Act for Singapore.

Tang has pleaded guilty to one of two charges of communicating an electronic record containing an incitement to violence and is awaiting sentencing.



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