Lee Bee Wah: Stop Calling Yishun a Land of Siao Langs

Ok, if you’re not clear what this whole Yishun thing is about, let’s just say that Yishun is a place in Singapore that the strangest things can happen at the unlikeliest of times.

And, more often it seems than anywhere else in Singapore.

It has come to the point where some factions of the public have jokingly called for a Great Wall to be build around Yishun estate (we hope it’s jokingly lah).

Now, Nee Soon GRC MP Lee Bee Wah has spoken out in defence of her town.

Replying to a comment by presumably a Yishun resident calling for people to stop calling Yishun a “crazy town or full of siao lang”, Bee Wah jie gave her wholehearted approval.

There’s only one problem we foresee with with this – how is Bee Wah jie going to move all the siao langs across the road, under Khaw Boon Wan’s nose, to Sembawang?





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