Lee Hsien Yang Rebuts PM Lee’s Statutory Declaration Claims with More Leekileaks

Lee Hsien Yang has come out with more Leekileaks to rebut allegations made by his brother PM Lee Hsien Loong in his 4000-word statutory declaration.

Regarding the suspicious circumstances in which LKY’s final will was signed, whereby the Demolition Clause which was absent in LKY’s prior 2 wills but inserted in the final one, Lee Hsien Yang said that it was on LKY’s orders that this be done.

He said that LKY had instructed that his final will revert to the one he had endorsed in 2011, which included the clause.

As for matter of whether LKY knew what he was signing, Lee Hsien Yang said that LKY “read the final will carefully” and signed on each page with two lawyers bearing witness to this.

He added that it was LKY said that Kwa Kim Li, the lawyer who had drafted his previous wills, need not be present during the signing of his final will.

Regarding PM Lee’s claim that LKY took only 15 minutes to sign the final will and might not have known what he was in for, Lee Hsien Yang said that it was a 4-page document for which he was familiar with, since it was his instruction to reinstate the will he drafted in 2011.


redwire singspore lky will
redwire singspore lky will 2

Lee Wei Ling had previously rebutted other claims by PM Lee in his statutory declaration.

She released a set of emails from Lee Hsien Yang’s wife, Lee Suet Fern, which showed her sister-in-law working to get her her share of the inheritance, running contrary to PM Lee’s claims that Lee Hsien Yang’s family wanted a bigger share of the pie for themselves.

Dr Lee also said that PM Lee and his wife Ho Ching were “mischievious and dishonest to selectively use quotes from me out of context to suggest that Hsien Yang and his wife were trying to cheat me in our father’s final will.”


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