Let’s Welcome Our Brave Paratroopers Who Made the Leap (and Those Who Didn’t)

Falling from the sky, they crawled through the mud and dug in. Just like the paratroopers of yore, only this time in the political battlefield. Some didn’t make cabinet, but they might in the future. After all, PM Lee’s says that its time for a revamp of the leadership. For now, let’s welcome our paratroopers who made the leap. Well done, soldiers!
(1) Koh Poh Koon (Minister of State for Trade and Industry and National Development)

Some are born into things, others marry into them. The former Son of Punggol got his ticket to office as PM Lee’s Son-in-Law of Ang Mo Kio, but hey, at least he made it (unlike Mr Pyramid Game). Practice makes perfect, as the old saying goes. We like Dr Koh. He looks like a down-to-earth, honest, and hardworking chap. Here’s him working hard at waving practice from 2 years ago.


(2) Ong Ye Kung (Acting Education Minister)

Widely-tipped as a future minister, PM Lee’s former Principle Private Secretary got roundly thumped in his maiden GE by Pritam “China Wall” Singh and Co in Aljunied. This time he made it in Sembawang with Henry, sorry, Khaw Boon Wan helming the team. And now, he’s full-fledged minister as the PAP fortune-tellers predicted. Still, we’ll never forgive him for beating Kevryn Lim.

(3) Ng Chee Meng (Acting Education Minister)

If you weren’t betting on a ministerial portfolio of some form for this former Chief of Defence Force, then you shouldn’t be buying Toto. We were hoping he’d be put in Transport, so he can give another former Chief of Defence Force, Desmond Kuek, a good hiding.

And the rest of the paratroopers who will have to sit out this round in Cabinet:

(1) Melvin Yong

Widely touted to have “retired” from the police force at age 43 to join the PAP, even though the retirement age for senior police officers is 55. Has to watch from the stands of his NTUC office, as his more illustrious army comrades get the medals.

(2) Desmond Choo

Another former cop, poor Desmond Choo  rumbled into Hougang and got beaten flat in 2006. He finally managed to secure an MP seat under the watchful gaze of former Education Minister Heng Swee Keat. But all he got was a fistful of dollars more. But at least a kid’s on the way.

(3) Darryl David

How many of you expected the ex-Pyramid Game host to replace Mdm Halimah as Speaker of Parliament, kee chiu!

(4) Joan Pereira

Someone decided one Indranee in cabinet gao liao for now.

(5) Sun Xueling

The PAP’s resident chio bu of GE2015, and another one of DPM Teo’s hatchlings. But it’s her running mate Supreme Commander Ng that got the ministerial post. At least Sun still keeps her day join in Temasek.


And now the notable mentions:

Tin Pei Ling

This supposed Marine Parade weakest link won! And all by herself too without having to hide in the corner of a GRC team (65.58 percent in MacPherson SMC, so she’s a paratrooper no more). But looks like there’s only double happiness for Tin, who’s a new mom. Triple happiness would be making her part of Khaw’s transport team!

Lee Yi Shyan

Famously wanted to give the Workers’ Party a tour of East Coast GRC. But the former Senior Minister of State for Trade and National Development will only get a chance to do so in his MP capacity, after being displaced by the good doctor, Ah Koon.








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