Lifts at Sengkang Leak when it Rains, Residents Carry Umbrellas for Safety


Amidst the recent heavy downpours, some residents of Block 433A Sengkang West Way have taken to carrying umbrellas to avoid the rain – while taking the lift!

It seems that the roofs of both lifts at that block of flats leak.

A resident, 65-year-old retiree Mr Lai said that he had been fetching his grandsons home from school at about 5.30pm when it started “raining” in the lift.

He said:

“The water just kept dripping. It dripped from the middle and both sides of the doors. I had to carry an umbrella while taking the lift. It’s unbelievable!”

Another resident, Mr Hong, says he’s also been “rain on” when taking the lift.

He said there’s a worry among residents that the rainwater might pose and electrical hazard when it comes into contact with the components in the lift.

He added that the lifts malfunction about once or twice a month.

Sometimes they overload when there are only two people inside.

MP Dr Lam Pin Min says the HDB is following up on the matter and is looking to install canopies to stop the rain from entering.

He said the town council will inform cleaners to clear away excess water so it doesn’t enter the lifts.

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