“Light Stick Pervert” Hunted for and Molested Innocent Children for 12 Years

Over a period of 12 years, this hardcore child molester sexually abused several children under the guise of a light stick salesman.

Tahir Hassan would randomly visit housing estates and target children at void decks and playgrounds.

He would get close to them, on the pretext of selling lightsticks.

Then, once he had struck up a conversation, the 49-year-old find excuses to go into their homes when their parents were not around.

Among Tahir’s victims were a pair of siblings living in Ang Mo Kio.

They were alone at home at around 10.30am when he came to their flat with a bag of light sticks.

He persuaded them to let him in, upon learning that their parents weren’t home.

Then, he sat with them on the sofa and touched the boy.

Tahir later asked to boy to go and bathe, and that’s when he told the girl to take off her clothes.

That’s when he molested her.

In 2010, the Light Stick Pervert approached a Secondary 1 and Primary 1 girl, who were neighbourhood friends, at a void deck in Toa Payoh.

He offered to teach them math, “cure” them, and make them smarter.

He asked them to look for certain types of leaves and flowers and led them to the staircase of the 39th floor of another block.

There, he put on a pair of surgical gloves and touched them on the pretext of a “treatment” ritual.

Later in September the same year, Tahir approached an 8-year-old visually impaired girl who was on her way to buy sweets with her brother in Marsiling Drive.

When they were at the void deck, he asked the girl’s brother to leave first, and told the girl to follow him, saying he could cure her eye condition.

At a staircase landing of the HDB block, he pulled down her shorts and molested her.

The girl later ran home crying.

The Light Stick Pervert admitted that he started having sexual urges towards young children as far back as 1995.

He was found guilty of 6 charges of outrage of modesty and 1 charge of sexual penetration.

He has been sentenced to 11½ years of jail and 15 strokes of the cane



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