Loopy Vietnamese Tourists Rob Fruit Store after Gambling Away All Their Money

These Vietnamese tourists must have gone bananas if they thought breaking into a fruit store would solve their money problems.

But Nguyen Van Nhat and Ngo Quang Phuoc did just that after they gambled away all their money at the Marina Bay Sands casino and didn’t even have enough cash left for air tickets home.

Nhat knew that his former boss kept money in a safe at the office in his fruit store at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre.

He hatched a plan such that he would be the lookout, while Phuoc went and stole the cash.

On 5 Jan, at about 12.40am, Phuoc climbed onto the rooftop of the office and entered after removing a ventilation fan.

Armed with an electric grinder, a screwdriver, safety goggles and a safety helmet, he managed to cut through the safe after 2 hours.

He only took 3 out of 4 bags of money inside because they were so damn heavy.

The merry looters then went on a shopping spree and spent the night in a room at MBS (no, they didn’t stop at Geylang for some watermelons).

Too bad for them, the store owner called the police, and they were nabbed in their rooms, presumably swimming in a bed of dollar notes.

The merry-turned-sorry looters were awarded  4 and a half years jail sentences yesterday for committing housebreaking at night to commit theft.

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