Loving Boyfriend “One Ass Chope Two Seats” to Reserve Place on Bus for Girlfriend

When it comes to men and their girlfriends, the more often-heard saying is one leg step two boats”.

But in the case of this Loving Boyfriend, it’s “one ass chope two seats”.

On the bus, that is.

A disgruntled commuter, Ms Tang, reported that Loving Boyfriend, who’s estimated to be in his 20s, boards the bus from Tampines bus interchange at about 7.20am.

He will move to the rear of the bus, and sit his ass down on 2 seats – one seat for himself, and one seat for his girlfriend who will board the bus 10 stops later.

Ms Tang estimates Loving Boyfriend’s total chope-ing time to be about 30 minutes before his girlfriend boards the bus.

She said that during that time, Loving Boyfriend will dismiss those who ask to sit on one of the two choped seats with the line “My friend is coming already”.

She said this has been going on for 2 months now, and is angry at Loving Boyfriend’s chope-ing ways.

Contrary reports however say that Loving Boyfriend will reluctantly give up one of the seats if another commuter asks to sit down.

Loving Boyfriend and his girlfriend apparently take the bus 3 times a week and always alight at Downtown MRT station (so for kaypohs who want to catch him in action, go figure what’s the bus number).


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