MacPherson RC Practises Price Discrimination against Singapore’s “Old Citizens”

Too bad “old citizens” of Singapore.

If you want to attend the MacPherson Resident’s Committee Open House, you’ll have to pay 300 of what New Citizens pay.

New Citizens are foreigners who have switched citizenship to become Singaporeans.

This picture (above left) was sent to us by reader Ah Hong, who said he’s very angry that New Citizens are being treated better than born and bred locals.

And there appears to be some cause for concern, especially since nations and their institutions tend to give their own born and bred locals a bit more perks.

Such as, Ubon Ratchathani Zoo in Thailand (above right), where Thai visitors pay 30 Baht to enter and play with tigers or whatever else they do there, and foreigners pay a higher fee of 150 baht.

What is most startling about MacPherson RC’s price discrimination practice is not so much the differentiation between new citizens and born and bred local.

Rather, since everyone is a Singapore citizen, why are some given preferential treatment for a simple open house event?



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