Maid Spits in Employer’s Drinking Water and Steals Her Money to “Force Her Way Home”

Strange things started happening in Mdm Wong’s household from March this year.

For starters, the water began to taste funny (strange kind of funny, not the kind that makes you happy).

“The water at home would occasionally have a salty taste and felt strange to drink. I couldn’t tell why at first.”

The 52-year-old, who lives in a HDB flat at Serangoon North Avenue 4, believed that her maid was playing tricks.

She found that out for a fact one day in April.

While observing her maid pour water from a kettle into ice trays, she noticed that there was a white foamy substance on the surface of the water that looked like saliva.

She checked the kettle and to her horror, found a quail’s egg inside.

That’s when Mdm Wong grilled her maid and unearthed more horrors.

“The maid denied it at first and said she didn’t know what was going on, but we continued to ask her and she suddenly knelt down and confessed that she did it.”

The 23-year-old maid from Myanmar admitted that she had been spitting in the water that was boiled for the family to drink.

She also admitted to stealing money and smoking.

Mdm Wong said this explained the disappearance of an ang pow which contained S$680.

“She admitted that she took the ang bao, but said she only removed a S$50 note and threw away the rest of the money. Can you believe that? She also said that she and the neighbour’s maid spent the S$50.”

The maid returned Mdm Wong S$400.

Mdm Wong’s daughter had fallen ill, and when she brought the girl to a doctor and him about what had happened, the docter said that she could have caught an infection from the spit in the water.

Apparently, the maid had been working fine for the past 11 months, but in March, asked to go home.

She got up to her naughty business while Mdm Wong was searching for a suitable replacement.

Mdm Wong believes that she was trying to force her way home and out of her employment.

She has warned employers to be on their guard.

“I’m bringing this up to remind employers to watch what their maids are doing.”



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1 Comment

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